September 15, 2021 3:50 a.m.

During National Preparedness Month in September, staff with the Roseburg Fire Department is encouraging residents to take time to prepare for potential disasters and other emergencies.

Fire Chief Monte Bryan said the annual observance began as a way to raise awareness about “…the importance of readying yourself, loved ones and your community for emergencies”. The theme this year is “Prepare to Protect”. Bryan said he views being prepared as a form of insurance, just like home or car insurance.

Bryan said the risks faced by residents of Roseburg include


*Extreme Weather

*Medical and health emergencies, such as COVID-19

*Resource shortages

*Earthquakes from the Cascadia Subduction Zone


Information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency said if a natural or man-made disaster strikes, people might have to survive on their own for a few days. That means residents should have their own food, water and other supplies. To prepare for disasters and other emergencies, individuals, couples and families should have a communication and reunification plan, at least two weeks’ supply of food and water at home for each person in the household, and a portable evacuation kit in case the family needs to evacuate on short notice.

In-depth information on disaster preparedness, go to: