July 21, 2021 10:30 a.m.

The Jack Fire, burning on the Umpqua National Forest, is still 55 percent contained, with a slight increase in acreage.

An update from Northwest Incident Management Team 10 said 808 people are working on the fire. North of Highway 138E, firefighters will continue to hold control lines and mop up as needed.

South of Highway 138E, crews along the west flanks will be patrolling lines while mopping up where feasible. Along the south and east flanks, firefighters will continue to protect control lines and secure Horseshoe Bend campground. Within the Calf Creek area, firefighters will be focusing on managing fire control lines to reduce the chance of fire spread. Crews will also be scouting the southern flank for any potential areas to build alternate fire lines to tie into existing line in Calf Creek.

The update said firefighters will patrol around structures within the Dry Creek area and Horseshoe Bend campground to maintain the safety of those locations.

Air support includes two Heavy Type 1 helicopters with buckets and one Heavy Type 1 helicopter with a tank along with one light Type 3 helicopter.

Evacuation levels and locations announced on Monday afternoon remain in place.

Those traveling on Highway 138E should be aware of potential speed limit changes due to increased fire traffic. Drivers are asked to follow the posted speed limits.

Check for updates on the Jack Fire by going to its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JackFire2021