November 29, 2020 7:45 a.m.

On Monday, officials with the Oregon Health Authority will reexamine county data to determine which counties qualify for each risk level of COVID-19 following the end of the Two-Week Freeze on Friday.

While Douglas County is currently forecast to be in the extreme risk category, Charles Boyle, Deputy Communications Director for Governor Kate Brown, told News Radio 1240 KQEN that the decision will be finalized Monday.

The new health and safety framework for categorizing counties was announced by Brown last Wednesday.

A release said in each subsequent two-week period, OHA will examine and publish county data weekly, but county risk levels will not change until the end of the second week. In the first week, counties will be given Warning Week data to prepare for potential risk level changes. In the second week, county risk levels will be updated based on that week’s data.

The extreme category has the most restrictions on what activities are allowed and how they can be carried out. That impacts social and at-home gatherings, restaurants and bars, recreation, retail stores, faith institutions, office work places and more. A link to all that information is posted with this story at www.541radio.com:


21 counties were listed as being at extreme risk, when Brown made her initial announcement. That is due to widespread COVID-19 cases and a high number of hospitalizations.