September 7, 2020 1:00 p.m.

Due to extreme fire conditions and the hot and dry weather in the forecast, the Douglas Forest Protective Association will move to Industrial Fire Precaution Level 4 on Tuesday, for all lands within the Douglas District.

This includes all private, county, state, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Indian Affairs lands that are protected by the DFPA. During IFPL 4, all industrial activity is prohibited.

Kyle Reed of DFPA said for the general public, Public Use Restrictions remain in effect and are unchanged with a fire danger rating of extreme. During extreme fire danger, the mowing of dead grass, the cutting, grinding or welding of metal, the use of power saws for non-industrial purposes and the use of power-driven machinery to complete non-industrial improvements of developments on private property is prohibited. A complete list of those restrictions can be found at

In addition to DFPA’s Public Use Restrictions, many large industrial landowners have closed public access to their landholdings due to the extreme fire conditions.