photo credit: ODFW

October 7,2019 3:20 a.m.
A juvenile wolf was recently collared in the Umpqua National Forest.
A release from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said staff from ODF along with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service collared the 52-pound female from the Indigo group of wolves on September 26th. The GPS collar included a biodegradable- foam-spacer so the collar will continue to fit as the wolf grows into an adult. The wolf is currently nearly six months old.
The release said the wolf is the 80th one collared in Oregon and the first one to be collared in the Indigo group of wolves. This group has been using the eastern portion of the Indigo unit, including the eastern parts of Douglas and Lane counties and were first recognized as resident wolves in the area early this year.
The annual wolf count and survey early this year documented three adult wolves in the Indigo Group. A trail camera image taken in August shows the group had at least four pups this year.
The release said ODFW and USFWS attempt to place a collar on at least one wolf in a resident group or pack to help monitor their movements.