February 1, 2021 3:35 a.m.

An announcement from the Douglas County Board of Commissioners said they are bringing back glass recycling to the county.

7 of the Douglas County Transfer Stations are now accepting glass items for recycling. Staff with the Solid Waste Management Division have placed new specially designed glass recycling bins at the stations located near Roseburg, Reedsport, Myrtle Creek, Oakland, Glide, Yoncalla and Canyonville, for residents to recycle free of charge.

Glass recyclables should be clean, free of debris, free of paper, no caps, or metal lids and they should not be placed in the recycle bins in plastic bags.

The release said the return to glass recycling is the result of an idea that was developed, researched and implemented through the efforts of the Public Works and Solid Waste management team. Glass brought to transfer stations will be crushed and repurposed for leachate filtration, as an aggregate substitute and also as foundation support at the Douglas County Landfill.

In May of 2018, Douglas County, along with it’s recycling partners, and numerous others nationwide, had to curtail recycling efforts due to the embargo China placed on their recycling purchasing programs with the United States.

More information about the county’s Solid Waste department, go to:

County Commissioner Tom Kress will talk about the change on Inside Douglas County, Tuesday afternoon at 12:30 p.m. on News Radio 1240 KQEN.