January 13, 2021 3:35 a.m.

Douglas County government is in the process of updating its Transportation System Plan and has a virtual open house starting on Thursday.

County Public Information Officer Tamara Howell said the TSP provides the policy framework, planning direction, and projects and programs to meet the transportation needs of all people in the county. Howell said the plan will cover all areas outside incorporated city limits, and will focus on the county’s many unincorporated areas.

The TSP will recommend policies, programs, and physical improvements to streets and sidewalks to address current and future transportation needs. In close coordination with the Oregon Department of Transportation, the plan will consider state-owned transportation facilities in the county.

Howell said the county is seeking public input on the existing transportation system to better understand needs and priorities in local communities. The virtual TSP Open House will allow for public comment and feedback via a short survey and an interactive comment map.

Residents can visit the TSP project website to learn more about the program and to participate in the virtual TSP Open House between Thursday and Friday February 19th. Go to: