September 26, 2020 12:30 p.m.

The Douglas Forest Protective Association has reduced the Industrial Fire Precaution Level to IFPL 1, district wide.

During IFPL 1, industrial operators are required to have fire suppression equipment on site and conduct a fire watch once they are done operating for the day. There are no industrial shutdown times associated with IFPL 1.

For the general public, DFPA’s Public Use Restrictions remain in effect with a fire danger rating of LOW. During low fire danger, there are no shutdown times on the mowing of dead grass, non-industrial power saw use, the cutting, grinding or welding of metal or the use of power-driven machinery. Backyard debris burning remains prohibited. All additional fire prevention measures listed on DFPA’s Public Use Restrictions remain in effect and are unchanged.

For more information about public or industrial fire restrictions, go to www.dfpa.net.