July 31, 2020 10:20 a.m.

Wildland firefighters are continuing to work to suppress one new fire in the Mount Thielsen Wilderness.

Mark Turney from the Forest Service said three other fires in the same area have been declared controlled, having been held to just 1/10th of an acre each.

Turney said crews began a four-hour hike into the area Thursday afternoon, with each person carrying approximately 45 pounds of gear, to search for the reported fire. Firefighters camped in the area Thursday night and found an additional holdover fire early Friday morning. Other crews have hiked into the area to continue to search for any additional fires.

Turney said additional detection flights are taking place and will likely continue through the weekend, seeking any new starts.

The Northwest Fire Potential Summary shows hot, dry and unstable conditions will keep the fire danger above average through Saturday before moderation begins from cooling over the weekend.

Turney said the forest remains at a Moderate fire danger rating and a Personal Use Restriction level 1.