September 14, 2021 10:30 a.m. 

With no growth, the Rough Patch Complex remains at 46,092 acres.

An update from the Great Basin Incident Management Team said forecast potentially gusty winds could produce increased surface fire and isolated single and group tree torching on the northeast side of the complex where heat and unburned fuel remains. On the southern and western sides of the complex, minimal heat is being observed. Isolated pockets of smoldering and creeping fire could occur in some areas.

The Chaos Fire and the Little Bend Creek Fire remain unchanged in size, at 25,392 acres and 8,970 acres respectively. The northern tip of the Chaos Fire that crossed the 2460 Road near Fairfield Peak stayed in check on Monday. Firefighters are using hand crews and hose lays to improve containment in this area. If favorable burning conditions allow, and if the situation warrants, crews will conduct limited firing operations west of the 3829 Road to limit eastward growth. On Monday, aerial bucket drops along the southeast corner of Little Bend helped hold the fire in place. Crews will continue on these containment efforts.

The Jack Fire has grown slightly to 25,165 acres while the Buckhead Fire is unchanged at 8,970 acres. The Near Minky Fire is still at 4,869 acres.

Containment on the Rough Patch Complex is still at 36 percent while containment on the Jack Fire remains at 55 percent.